Stage Mom Memories: Macbeth

Last year I had the opportunity to direct a passion project of mine and it was an experience that I will never forget. Macbeth has always been a favorite of mine, from the complicated relationship between Macbeth and his lady to the supernatural aspect of the witches. I love the flowery language that is entwined in some of Shakespeares’ bloodiest scenes. It’s super metal.

My Coven of witches – Michele Barber, Wisdom Harris, Connie Cali, and Silvia Switzer.
David Carbough as Macbeth conjures the unknown to hear his fate.

My goal for this production was to try my darndest to make these characters somewhat relatable. No, we all haven’t murdered a king after hearing a bat-shit crazy prophesy from some witches in the field. BUT, we have all felt the need and desire to rise above our place and take what we see as ours, whether it really is or not.

Kyle Golden as Banquo turns up to haunt a banquet.

If you listen to our podcast (and you totally should) then you know that on our last episode we mentioned Macbeth and some of the work that went into creating the production. It was a beast but I loved every bit of it.

By the way, this production was done through Arrant Knavery, the nonprofit theatre I started in 2017. If you’re not already, give Arrant Knavery a follow on Instagram and like us on Facebook. We have a production going up in a couple of weeks, and some fun plans for our next season!