“Join Us” in Celebrating Evil Dead: The Musical

“Cabin in the woods, Oooooh!
Cabin in the woods, Yeah!” 

Evil Dead: The Musical

What trouble could five college friends get into in a cabin in the woods? All the best campy kind of trouble wrapped up in the gore-filled, one-liner ridden musical that is Evil Dead: The Musical.

Ashley and Kayla standing in line outside of Vinyl Music Hall.

For the first show of the New Year, The Stage Moms haunted ICMT‘s revived production of Evil Dead: The Musical. We knew absolutely nothing about the show other than it involved zombie demons… When the show began, our first glimpse into the world of Evil Dead was a colorful, animated set complete with trap doors, kinetic set decorations, and an evil-dead moose-head that came to life only to shout hilarious obscenities at Scott, played by Chris Holloway. 

We loved all the cheesy puns and ridiculous one-liners delivered by the cast. Garret Summit was seriously the bee’s knees as Ash. A truly dynamic character, he goes from your average college kid trying to get laid to some kind of half man, half chainsaw-zombie-killing-crooner toting a “boom stick,” and it is so fun to watch! Rounding out the talented cast were great performances by Sierra Hobbs as Linda, Kay Joyce as the most punny demon that ever did demon, Owen Ides as a weird, demon-Michael-Jackson-circus-conductor, and the tall guy that played Ash’s hand.

The cast of Evil Dead: The Musical

Again, neither of us had any prior knowledge of the movies or their cult-like following, but Kayla is a huge Rocky Horror fan so she felt like she was among friends. The whole atmosphere had a rock-and-roll vibe from the time you walk into the space until the show was over. That is largely in part to the venue, Vinyl Music Hall, but also the band that accompanied those catchy songs about death and demons was absolutely spectacular. Led by Nic Flagstar and positioned in the loft, it was an extra treat to be able to see the band having just as much fun as the cast.

The Evil Dead band in the loft of Vinyl Music Hall

You can catch this hilarious musical all weekend as part of the very first Pensacola Indie Fringe Comedy Fest. But don’t expect to get the songs out of your head anytime soon… 

Waiting for the show to begin. Sitting in the splatter zone with our friend Nathan, enjoying pre-show drinks from the Vinyl bar.

By the way, we fully recommend grabbing drinks and sitting in the splatter zone. Just bring a poncho or a sweater, because zombie blood is colder than regular blood. 

For information on the Pensacola Indie Fringe Comedy Fest, click here.

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