Marvelous Mama: Marci Duncan

“Don’t feel bad about pursuing the things that you are passionate about. Our children have to see their moms working toward their dreams and it will teach them that they can achieve their dreams, too. No matter what the conditions.”

Live In It

There’s this little voice in my mind that pokes it’s stupid annoying head out from time-to-time and asks, “what’s next?”. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the next thing or achieving the next goal, that we don’t give ourselves time to celebrate the thing that just freaking happened.

Face First

When I was in college earning my theatre degree, we were taught to really listen to your scene-partner. Sometimes I think I’m better at listening to people on stage than I am at really listening and hearing people in real life. I wanted to change that.

Inside Our Makeup Bags

When we’re all famous actors someone will be on the payroll to make us look amazing for every production. In the meantime, it is up to us to do our own stage makeup. Here is a peek into the Stage Mom’s stage-makeup bags!

Welcome to The Stage Moms!

We all know her. She’s the one hovering in the wings with a water bottle and her camera phone ready… She sells tickets and t-shirts to support her kids’ shows. She mouths the words to every line her child utters onstage and her rhythm is absolutely flawless as she does the hand motions in the back of the auditorium so her little star doesn’t forget them. She is the stage mom.