Actors are Pretty ‘Sticious

On the latest episode of The Stage Mom’s Podcast, we discuss theatre superstitions with the crew from Two Drinks & Haunting Podcast (or TDAH) including our good friend, Nathan.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday with Us!

It’s Shakespeare’s 456th birthday! We’re celebrating with a very special podcast episode of our Storyteller Series where we blackmailed our talented friends into voice-acting through some of the Bard’s best speeches. Special thanks to Christina Cusack-Curbelo, David Carbaugh, Kyle Golden, Amanda Wray, Nathan Simmons, Maggie Crain, and Oliver Abraira. The Stage Moms Podcast is produced […]

Welcome to The Stage Moms!

We all know her. She’s the one hovering in the wings with a water bottle and her camera phone ready… She sells tickets and t-shirts to support her kids’ shows. She mouths the words to every line her child utters onstage and her rhythm is absolutely flawless as she does the hand motions in the back of the auditorium so her little star doesn’t forget them. She is the stage mom.