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Catching Some Quick Feels About Theatre

There’s always a moment, just before NLBP Camps begin, that I get really emotional. Somewhere between brainstorming lesson plans with teachers, welcoming camp families, staff meetings, and even pulling reports, I have to stop and let myself catch some feels.

My first night back in New London; reuniting with some of the staff. Summer, 2018.

I love this so much. 

Being a working mom gets overwhelming sometimes. In addition to the state of the world and everything moving, we (the Education staff) have definitely had our share of being a little overworked and a little (a lot) stressed out. But at the end of the day, I love WHY we do it. 

I love watching children light up when their creativity and imagination is supported, when they’re accepted for who they are, when they’re encouraged and lifted up… 

I love working with amazing and talented teachers, who put so much time and energy and creativity into their lessons, who are positive lights even when the world seems a little dark… 

Myself and a couple of great camp teachers I got to teach with. New London Barn Playhouse, 2016

I love that sometimes, we get to hire young theatre artists who have never taught before, but are eager to try! I love that I get to guide them through their first teaching experience. 

I remember my first time teaching. I was 19, and I had no idea what I was doing. But I was SO EAGER to teach. I loved theatre, I loved kids, and I knew one day I wanted to teach theatre, but I had no idea how to begin. I applied to teach a children’s theatre camp for Kids College at Gulf Coast State College and the program director gave me a chance. I hate that I don’t remember her name…

The theme was simply “theatre” and I had no idea where to start (I mean, that’s very broad), but I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. Thanks to guidance from Jason Hedden (my acting professor), I went in armed with a plan and a little more confidence than I had to begin with. 

With my high school students at ITS Districts. January, 2018

I’ve spent the last decade finding (and sometimes creating) ways to continue teaching theatre.

This is my 5th summer as Camps Director for the New London Barn Playhouse.

I know I’m EXTREMELY fortunate to still have a job right now, especially one in the arts. Today, I’m pausing to be thankful for that. I’m basking in that little moment that always catches me by surprise.