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But where do we begin?

Have you read the open letter to White American Theatre? If not, you can read that here. Go read that, and then come back.

This letter was not an eye-opener for me. I’ve lived in the theatre world for half my life. I’ve seen these things first hand. But now, being a white woman who produces theatre, this letter spoke directly to me. It said “We see you. Be better.”

There’s a LOT of information on the internet right now on how to be better, and a lot of it is contradictory. For example, one day I read an infographic that explained how to be a “white ally” in the Black Lives Matter movement. The next day, there was another infographic that taught me that the word “ally” is not appropriate to use. There were many examples of this, which just tells me that we have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to learn.

Understandably, a great many of our black friends are too tired or busy to teach us right now. But thankfully, fellow stage mom, Marci J. Duncan, was willing and eager to join us on our latest podcast episode to talk with us and teach us – in love.

Yes, the same Marci Duncan we got to talk with back in February.

Marci is one of my favorite people. She was one of my professors at UWF, she’s a marvelous mama, and she’s an open book. Through our conversation with Marci we learned some ways we can begin to support, lift up, and include the black theatre community in our theatre endeavors.

It begins with an acknowledgement (of our privilege, of our biases, of our lack of inclusion).

It begins and continues with building relationships. We can build a diverse theatre season ONLY once we have built genuine relationships with people of color – relationships based in love and trust.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Listen to the rest of our conversation on our latest podcast episode.

To the BIPOC theatre community, YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU MATTER.

And for anyone curious about the Enneagram test I mention in this episode, you can find a free version of that test here.

Kayla is a 2w3
Ashley is a 6w7
Marci test results are pending. If I had to guess, 3w2!