Boredom Busters: Day 1

Social distancing is super important right now, but keeping yourself and the kiddos occupied at home can be difficult. Here at the Stage Moms, we feel like it is our duty to contribute to the greater good in whatever way we can.

We are both entertainers at heart so you can expect some new content in the next few days from us in order to help you all stay entertained during this time of super weirdness.

I wanted to help you all out with a boredom buster activity.
I like to doodle. I am not like crazy good at it, but that’s not the point, right? 🙂 I decided last night that I would crank out a few coloring sheets of famous female historical figures, musical theatre characters, and Shakespearean characters. I’ll make 3 available here each day through Sunday.

Here are your coloring sheets for today: Marie Curie, Audrey II, and Juliet.

Post your finished coloring page on Instagram and Facebook and tag @thestagemoms to get your artwork featured on our page!

Stay safe,

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