Boredom Busters: Day 3

Happy Saturday everybody! Here are your weekend coloring sheets. I think next week we might host a live coloring session so stay tuned for that! Your subjects today are inspired by musical theatre characters and movies.

Boredom Busters: Day 2

We hope you are all staying safe and staying well. Both of our families are practicing social distancing and trying to find fun and productive things to do during the day to flex our creative muscles and hopefully bring a little peace to these uncertain times. Yesterday we released three free printable coloring pages and […]

Boredom Busters: Day 1

Social distancing is super important right now, but keeping yourself and the kiddos occupied at home can be difficult. Here at the Stage Moms, we feel like it is our duty to contribute to the greater good in whatever way we can. We are both entertainers at heart so you can expect some new content […]

Silent Sky Is “Quite Marvelous”

Silent Sky is a poetic telling of the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, the female astronomer who made astronomical discoveries during her time working as a “human computer” at Harvard in 1900. But scientific leaps do not come without significant hardships…

Marvelous Mama: Marci Duncan

“Don’t feel bad about pursuing the things that you are passionate about. Our children have to see their moms working toward their dreams and it will teach them that they can achieve their dreams, too. No matter what the conditions.”